Inside 2017, almost 90 many years as a result of its very first publication, Pisma iz Indije was reissued, edited from the Dr

Inside 2017, almost 90 many years as a result of its very first publication, Pisma iz Indije was reissued, edited from the Dr

Ana Stjelja, step 1 an university student who has been taking a look at the literary really works regarding which globally vacationer and you can woman copywriter from Krusevac

The newest activities out of Jelena Dimitrijevic on this subject unbelievable journey, however, don’t lead to Haifa; she and additionally journeyed with the Far east, checking out India, China, and you may The japanese. Hence, such symptoms regarding travelogue Sedam mora i tri okeana: Putem oko sveta always appear and produce in her most other book-small epistolary cards, Pisma iz Indije (Letters out of India), very first wrote into the 1928 from inside the Belgrade. 2 That it 2017 release regarding Pisma are wrote honoring new 155th wedding off Jelena Dimitrijevic’s beginning plus prize of your own 90th wedding out-of the lady encounter toward Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore. They functions as an indication of your literary and you can cultural benefit of your text, and you will boasts the editor’s statements and you may parallel translations to the English and you will Hindi (Devanagari software) while the a form of audience fascination, helping Jelena Dimitrijevic’s oeuvre becoming significantly more available and study far beyond Serbia.

Pisma iz Indije contains not just individual findings and you will autobiographical essay website, as well as will act as an excellent testimony of the ethos and modus vivendi of those having whom, even in the event geographically and you may culturally distant, this new Serbian author discovered a religious liaison. The newest travelogue consists of several epistolary info from Madras provided for unspecified addressees, a whole lot more accurately to help you girls people, or even to girls. The brand new English interpretation from Pisma was specific, distinctly adopting the concept of the brand new poetic worry about, no matter if their transposition towards other language creates specific cons basically noted by the prosodic and lexical borders of your own language. The new Hindi variation is basically translated throughout the English, this will be advisable later for Hindi code positives to comment on the caliber of this interpretation, given that an effective semantic transfer is not separate from the wisdom out of culture.

In the first letter, mcdougal illustrates their “march” in order to India truthfully into the eleven February 1927, sketching this lady very first exposure to new Indian ground, the individuals, its designs, and you may heritage. Picturesque descriptions that follow this lady internal county and you will excitement demystify the newest textual make and you may topos (commonplace) of your own Eastern people. The initial letter ways the new narrator’s immense want to see Rabindranath Tagore and functions as a keen overture toward next-a little expanded-page you to reconstructs the fresh encounter of the two poetic souls inside Asia. The second letter, dated twelve March 1927, consists of a detailed breakdown away from her earliest see out-of good holy temple, along with discussions regarding the colonialism and you may latest circumstances during the India. All of these in depth meanings, findings, relatively subsidiary situations and you can information function “the brand new frame within the religious character of Tagore, just as people individuals gods and you can deities in the form of humans and you may dogs from inside the Hindu temples are a-frame within the sacred being regarding Brahma” (59). An impression regarding belonging to Asia slowly turns into a good write away from women’s phenomenology, bearing in mind that the blogger, to the places to hookup in Liverpool a great amount of times, is the Indian nation as a moms and dad.

Nonetheless, obviously Jelena Dimitrijevic’s love for the fresh unusual and unbridled Asia ‘s the strongest perception the audience finds out regarding stylistically nuanced fragments of your text message

The newest feminist factor in Sedam mora we tri okeana: Putem oko sveta, which has grabbed intimate informative appeal during the earlier in the day ages, goes without saying regarding basic part, where Jelena Dimitrijevic dedicates the girl book so you can not one person more however, to help you girls. Actually, Sedam mora we tri okeana are interspersed which have contemplations of your own alternatively inequitable status of females in almost any parts of the world, regarding old until modern times. It’s as a consequence of a good feminist position, which is present, inter alia, from the meanings of your own localities and you can frequently innocuous local practices the creator situations for the the latest understated elements of ladies subordination. Contained in this light, out of version of attract could be the multiple the thing is that you to definitely Dimitrijevic pulls anywhere between recently modernized Chicken whilst still being strictly patriarchal Egypt. A whole chapter is actually serious about the fresh author’s ending up in Huda Sha’arawi, a favorite Egyptian feminist at that time, whom advocated to possess ladies directly to choose in her country. However, the importance of this find for the Sedam mora we tri okeana really stands synchronous on author’s trip to Bengali poet Tagore when you look at the Pisma. Tagore, visibly ill, get Dimitrijevic into the a kind and faithful fashion, recalling the brand new “Slavic hospitality” (54) the guy knowledgeable during his remain in Belgrade. Even though the central narrative in the Pisma is short for the latest come across with Tagore, the primary photo will get the fresh narrator’s kaleidoscopic logo of one’s East from picture of this new Bengali poet, excellent findings, and you will disenchantment of the actually petrified topos of your own Eastern: “It isn’t the way i enjoys realize or observed it” (37).

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