Earliest appointment (kynamende, uryn kelu, otherwise kyz kashar)

Earliest appointment (kynamende, uryn kelu, otherwise kyz kashar)

Matrimony traditions when you look at the Kazakhstan consist of an extensive a number of traditions – beginning with dating and ongoing also after dark marriage night – and some traditions and unwritten regulations. Their otherwise wedding is actually, however, perhaps one of the most extremely important events in the life of one Kazakh individual.

In the past, very early marriage ceremonies commonly took place if woman are thirteen otherwise fourteen years old plus the man are 14 or fifteen. There are in addition to unions finished between group before the beginning out of the near future partners. Often, if the good women’s moms and dads was basically against an effective ily abducted the lady.

Particular wedding lifestyle have become smaller essential (and less generally experienced) throughout the years due to changes in society and you will moral requirements, in addition to presence of criminal charges (for example to own abducting a bride). Meanwhile, almost every other traditions was revived. 420 aplikacje randkowe New Kazakh classic law (Adat) forbids elizabeth clan, doing the fresh new seventh generation. Which community has long been noticed in Kazakhstan and you can, as a result, many Kazakhs learn the origins on the 7th age group. Adat as well as forbids marriage ceremonies if the bride to be is over 8 ages over the age of the latest groom and/or bridegroom is more than 25 years older than the newest fiance.

Collusion (kyz aittyru)

For the old minutes (and even today in certain teams), parents been seeking a bride for their boy long before he reached marriageable many years. They travelled through the towns, came across respected parents, and you may heard about possible brides’ origins and you can record. Whenever they discovered the right woman, it expressed to the woman parents the will to complement-build. Either, between close friends, there clearly was an agreement so you can get married for each and every other people’s future people (bel kuda). There are as well as other sorts of collusion in regards to the coming wedding. An alternative, titled “kyz koru”, hence welcome the students kid to choose their coming wife, was just enabled having heroes and/or sons out-of most commendable group.

Dating (kuda tusu)

New relationships techniques try tricky and you may inside several degrees. The first matchmaker, titled “zhaushy”, approached the women’s dad and you can offered to support an effective partnership. In case the dad gave their agree, new matchmaker offered your a pony. In exchange, the girl’s dad gave a different gown (shapan) on the matchmaker. Up coming, an element of the relationships happened (kuda tusu). That it involved the two dads and family upcoming along with her and having familiar with each-almost every other, and dinner together with her regarding same dish and you may selling and buying merchandise. At the same time, a form of relationships price is concluded. If a person of your parties later reneged about this bargain, he’d to expend a superb. Ultimately, matchmakers went along to for a 3rd go out (bata ayak) to talk about every piece of information for the future relationships, including the big date, costs, and you may dowry. At the end of the brand new dating process, this new groom’s side delivered kalyn mal, a gift in the way of cows otherwise horses. Having poor family members, typical are five otherwise half dozen cattle, while steeped household possess delivered an effective herd of just one,one hundred thousand horses.

Adopting the dating processes, tomorrow bridegroom you will definitely visit the upcoming fiance on basic go out. The guy earliest needed to send a present (oli tiri) to exhibit regard towards bride’s loved ones, then he might visit the community where in actuality the bride-to-be stayed. Based on personalized, this new bridegroom ran in the evening if it try dark, allegedly in miracle. A day later you will find a broad celebration having dances and you can sounds, the students couples got to know each-most other, additionally the lady provided the long term groom an effective handkerchief once the a good sign of her purity. If, after this conference, both the child would not just do it toward relationships, the medial side one to refuted was required to return all of the merchandise and you can pay a fine.

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